The Armor Imbuement table uses the Infused XP of any Armor to add new Armor Imbuements to it.

Friendly warning if you are using an old version[1]Edit

Never use Dispel on any leg armor. It is a known bug. There is a bug in the code that can corrupt your world. If you put Dispel on any leg armor your game instantly crashes and you will be unable to load it again. There is no known way to repair worlds that were destroyed this way.

Fixed in Ars Magica 2 1.4.009 (1.7.10)


The Armor Imbuement Table is crafted using

5 Obsidian
Armour Imbuement Table

2 Crafting Altars

1 Enchantment Table

1 Carpet

(Image to the right.)
Screenshot 1