Black aurum

Crafting and Operation Edit

The Black Aurem is created by performing the Ritual of Corruption on an Obelisk. It generates Dark Etherium for various ars magica recipes.  To charge power it grabs entities within an eleven block radius and "sacrifices" them. It does not work on summoned minions, but will target any other mob, both hostile and non-hostile. Hostile mobs trapped by the Aurem are still capable of attacking a player until they are killed. Mobs killed by the Black Aurem will not drop any items. To pair it with a crafting altar right-click it with a crystal wrench then right-click the crafting altar block.


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A Black Aurem's efficiency can be improved by creating multiblock structures around it.

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The first level of increased efficiency is achieved by drawing a square around the Aurem with wizard's chalk, occupying all eight blocks in the 3x3 ring around the Aurem. The second level is achieved by constructing four two-block-high pillars of Nether Bricks at the corners of the chalk square, and placing a cap on each pillar of gold blocks, diamond blocks, or Chimerite Blocks. All four caps must be the same. For maximum efficiency, Chimerite Blocks should be used. An example of a Black Aurem with both upgrades applied is provided to the left. Note that the Aurem itself occupies the space in the center of the chalk square.

Black Aurems are very fragile, having the same hardness as logs. This, combined with the creeper's ability to explode while trapped by the Aurem, makes being close to it risky during nighttime or if a player is using the Aurem as a Mob Grinder. Even if broken with a Silk Touch tool, the Black Aurem cannot be picked up, and a creeper explosion at close range is more than enough to destroy it.

Black Aurem Range


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