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Crafting Altar Block Edit

The Crafting Altar Block is the essential block in the Crafting Altar. It helps the Crafting Alter link to the various Nexi using the Crystal Wrench, thus providing the Crafting Altar with the various Essence to make your Spell. The Crafting Altar can also be a good decoration block as it cost little to craft the Crafing Altar Block.

Arcane ReconstructorEdit

The Arcane Reconstructor is a block which uses raw essence to repair tools, armour and other items with durability.

Astral BarrierEdit

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A Caster acts as a spell caster. It uses nexus power to use the spell instead of mana. It also requires a redstone signal 

Keystone ReceptacleEdit

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Seer Stone Edit

The Seer Stone, like the Astral Barrier, operates by using essence aura projected through spells to detect nearby objects. It can be used by focusing the essence on a particular thing, and the frequency of the essence can be controlled by the use of the Keystone. Without the Keystone, the frequency generates flux unpredictably and cannot be avoided.


Instead of running on fuel, the Calefactor runs on essence in order to smelt items, occasionally giving the additional vinteum dust as a bonus. Some items, such as metal ores or crops, may be doubled when smelted in the calefactor. It's behaviour depends on the type of essence used to power it.


Your talent tree for making spells.

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