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An important part of this mod, Bosses, when killed, drop Infinity Orbs (please note that they drop their relative orbs once the player's magic level reaches a certain point,see Arcane Compendium entry for more details).They have a slight chance of an dropping an Essence corresponding to their affinity and/or a special item depending on the boss. Despite being a renewable source of the abovementioned drops, the bosses within this mod are tough, and a force to be reckoned with. Some of these bosses may even be able to take down the most well-geared players. It is also to be noted that bosses will teleport to you if you are far enough away from them (~30-50 blocks away) and if you hit them with a ranged attack also. The use of powerful weaponry and armour is highly recommended

Similar to the bosses in vanilla Minecraft, these bosses, when summoned, will display their health bar on the top of the screen. These bosses are summoned through special rituals described in the Arcane Compendium. In recent versions, some of the guardians have actually been spotted in special dungeons similar to those of the walker castle in mod Chocolate Quest.

List of BossesEdit

Please note that bosses will only drop green and red orbs once the player's reaches a certain magic level, see Arcane Compendium entry for more details.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

All bosses have a strength such as fire or water so it is best not to use the same element spell that they are because if you attack a fire guardian with a fire spell it would heal instead of kill.

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