Damage is a red spell modifier under the Offense tree that increases the output of damaging spells.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock the damage spell modifier, it is required that Projectile, Force Damage, Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Frost Damage, Magic Damage, Area of Effect, and Beam be known and the player must have at least one red skill point.

Effect Edit

For every instance of the damage modifier in the spell, the spell's damage-dealing components will be stronger.

Required Materials Edit

Ender Essence, Iron Sword, Potion of Harming

Trivia Edit

  • Damage can be stacked up to 3 times in a spell, but it cannot be stacked 3 times with Lunar or Solar at the same time.
  • While casting Heal on an undead target does cause damage, the damage modifier does not amplify this "healing" damage.

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