Essence Conduit Edit

Essence Conduits are a sort of magical redstone repeater, picking up essence from a linked obelisk /nexus and transmitting it another 10 blocks to either the destination or another conduit for extended travel.

How to use Edit

To use an essence conduit, place it down within 10 blocks of an Essence conduit, Obelisk, Prism, or Aurem. When linking Link your two Devices not the conduits. Conduits auto create paths to each other, no linking required. (think of it like a wireless extender.)

Crafting Edit

In order to craft an Essence Conduit, you will need 4 Smooth Stone and a Chimerite (Which can be found mining in the upper-mid levels) Place the 4 smooth stone in an upside-down T, 3 horizontal on the bottom slot, one in the center and the chimerite in the top-center above that one as shown below and above.

[Empty] [Chimerite] [Empty]

[Empty] [Smooth Stone] [Empty]

[Smooth Stone] [Smooth Stone] [Smooth Stone]

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