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First you must create a  

You'll want to start out with the Arcane Compendium. To make it, you will need to craft a book and an item frame. Once you have those crafted you'll need to find pool of what looks like white water, this is liquid etherium. Place the item frame near the liquid and place the book into the item frame. Lot of particles should float from the liquid to the book. After it is finished, your book should have transformed into an arcane compendium. Pop it out of the frame and pick it up to earn an achievement and unlock your mana and burnout bars. You can right click with the arcane compendium to find crafting recipes for all of the other things listed above, or just look at the wiki.

Once you have finished building those, use the table and select at least one spell shape and component from the upper slot of the interface and place it in the lower slot. You also have the option of naming your spell recipe in a text bar in the center of the interface. Once this is all done, place your Book and Quill into the center slot that displays its image. When you remove the item, your Book and quill will have become your very first spell recipe.

Creating Your First SpellEdit

The character must place the desired spell recipe on the crafting altar's lecturn to begin spell creation. Once this is done, the ingredients required for crafting the spell can be read from the book on the lectern.

All spells initially require one blank rune to initiate the spell creation sequence. An image of the next ingredient required for the spell will be displayed above the lecturn until the spell creation is complete. From here, each required ingredient is dropped ONE at a time from the players inventory into the centre of the crafting altar where it will disappear in a sparkling effect.

Some spells require essences that are marked with the words neutral, light, or dark. These represent the types of raw essences  that can only be accesed through their coresponding nexuses . It is necessary for both to be in close proximity of one another or be linked by essence conduits. The player also needs a crystal wrench and must use it on the runic circle in the centre of the nexus and then on the crafting altar block.  Once this is done and enough raw essence is available, the player must pull the lever on the crafting altar to continue or complete crafting the spell.

Once all ingredients have been added in the process, a sound will be heard and the desired spell will appear in the center of the altar for the player to obtain.

Now, equip and use the spell once so you can rename it and customize its display icon. Once finished, press the escape button and enjoy casting your very first spell in Ars Magica 2.

It is recommended for your first spell to be touch-dig, as it is an easy, inexpensive spell. If, by some random occurrence, you happened to use your first three skill points on anything but spell components, you will have to either get more skill points some how, like finding blue orbs in a dungeon, cheat, or start a new world.

Spell Crafting Notes: BIBIS

-It is possible to have a pattern such as shape-component-shape-component. E.G. Self-Heal-Projectile-Heal. This causes you to heal yourself then fire a healing projectile in that order. HOWEVER, take care with effects such as Dispel. If you order a spell such as Self-Shield-Dispel, it will actually remove the shield buff. Instead, change it so Dispel is at the beginning: Self-Dispel-Shield. This results in a spell that cleanses all buffs/debuffs like milk and applies a damage resistance shield afterwards.

-Projectile and AoE in a consecutive order result in a projectile that applies it's effects in an area. E.G. Projectile-AoE-Dig. This will fire a projectile that carves a 3x3/5x5/7x7 according to spell strength.

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