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First you must create a  

Once finished, use the table and select at least one spell shape and component from the upper slot of the interface and place it in the lower slot. You also have the option of naming your spell recipe in a text bar in the centre of the interface. Once this is all done, place your Book and Quill into the center slot that displays its image. When you remove the item, your Book and quill will have become your very first spell recipe.

Creating Your SpellEdit

The final step in obtaining your first spell is by creating it at a Crafting Altar throw a blank rune into the center of the altar, where it will be consumed. Continue to drop the necessary spell ingredient one at a time when their images appear above the lectern. When the last ingredient is used, a strange sound will be played and your completed spell will appear in the center of the altar.

Now, equip and use the spell once so you can rename it and customize its display icon. Once finished, press the escape button and enjoy casting your very first spell in Ars Magica 2.

Spell Crafting Notes:

-It is possible to have a pattern such as shape-component-shape-component. E.G. Self-Heal-Projectile-Heal. This causes you to heal yourself then fire a healing projectile in that order. HOWEVER, take care with effects such as Dispel. If you order a spell such as Self-Shield-Dispel, it will actually remove the shield buff. Instead, change it so Dispel is at the beginning: Self-Dispel-Shield. This results in a spell that cleanses all buffs/debuffs like milk and applies a damage resistance shield afterwards.

-Projectile and AoE in a consecutive order result in a projectile that applies it's effects in an area. E.G. Projectile-AoE-Dig. This will fire a projectile that carves a 3x3/5x5/7x7 according to spell strength.

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