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Just started the mod and haven't got a clue on what to do next? Don't fret, as this page will explain the first steps to solve your problems in Ars Magica 2. 

Getting StartedEdit

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Range of single block of liquid essence.
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Before you even think of casting spells you'll need to create an Arcane Compendium. This book will unlock your magical potential, giving you the ability to cast spells.

You will first need to have created an item frame and book to be used in the creation of the compendium.

Once you have all the required items, you must find a pool of liquid essence . They are randomly generated in the Overworld and can be found in almost all biomes. The pools can be identified by their sky blue color and glow, making them easiest to spot during the night.

Once you have found a pool, place the item frame on a surface near the water. When this is done, place the book in the frame and wait for a few seconds. If done properly, a stream of symbols will come out of the water and into the frame. After a flash of light, the book will have become an Arcane Compendium. In addition to this, you will be able to see, and eventually use, your Mana and Burnout bars.

Your First SpellEdit

Accessing Spell PartsEdit

If you begin the process of creating your first spell, you must learn and unlock the required spell parts. This is done by crafting an Occulus and using it to access the spell parts in the available skill trees. All spells need at least one spell shape (square skills) and component (octagonal skills)

Note that you only get three skill points to begin with, and it's possible to buy three shapes and no components, leaving you unable to actually construct a spell until you get more skill points by either finding Infinity Orbs in the world or getting them as drops from the various bosses. To prevent this make sure you buy at least one component. An excellent first spell for novices that both avoids this problem and is useful in play is to buy Projectile, Touch, and Dig with your three points, then make a spell using Projectile + Dig. This spell will let you fire a projectile that will break blocks which can be used to dig all kinds of things and provide the experience to get more skill points in the normal course of play.

Creating a Spell RecipeEdit

After unlocking the necessary spell parts, you must create a spell recipe. To do this, you must craft two objects:

Once finished, use the table and select at least one spell shape and component from the upper slot of the interface and place it in the lower slot. You also have the option of naming your spell recipe in a text bar in the centre of the interface. Once this is all done, place your Book and Quill into the centre slot that displays its image. When you remove the item, your Book and quill will have become your very first spell recipe.

Creating Your SpellEdit

The final step in obtaining your first spell is by creating it at a Crafting Altar. This is the first multiblock sturcture you will be required to build.

Details on building a Crafting Altar here.

Once the Crafting Altar is built, you should place your spell recipe on the lectern and, if you haven't done so already, gather all the ingredients or essences necessary for creating the desired spell. When you are ready, place a blank rune into the centre of the altar, where it will be consumed. Continue to drop the necessary spell ingredient one at a time when their images appear above the lectern When the last ingredient is used, a strange sound will be played and your completed spell will appear in the centre of the altar.

Now, equip and use the spell once so you can rename it and customize its display icon. Once finished, press the escape button and enjoy casting your very first spell in Ars Magica 2.

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