Needed itemsEdit

In addition to the basic materials necessary for the preparation (details see items below), you must create the following items;

You see, spell casting is not that easy, but it's worth it - guaranteed!

Steps to your first spellEdit

Arcane CompendiumEdit

You'll have to start out with the Arcane Compendium. It contains all Ars Magica knowlege, and gives you access to all other components.

To make it, you will need to craft a book and an item frame. Then find a pool of what looks like white water, called liquid etherium. Place the item frame near it with the book inside. Lots of particles should float from the liquid to the book. After a while, your book should have transformed into an arcane compendium. Pop it out of the frame and pick it up. Right click to use it or just look up the information at the wiki.


The second step is to craft and place an occulus to gain access to your skill trees. Select one of these: Offense, Defense, Utility. Touch the Talents tree after making your first spell. Use the three blue skill points, you've got by making the compendium, to unlock at least one shape (square) and one component (octagon). If you do not do so, you will not be able to progress any further without getting an infinity orb or through the /respec command. You can also select a modifier (diamond). As beginner, you can only select blue items (basic) later on green (advanced) and red (expert). Choose wisely!

Inscription TableEdit

Spellmaking Edit

  • Now, you've got to write down your new knowledge at an inscription table into a Book and Quill.
  • Choose one shape and one component for your first spell and drag them down to the brown area.
  • After doing so, name the spell and take the Book and Quill out. Naming is optional, but recommended.
  • Next, set up a Crafting Altar to make your first spell!

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