'Foci are used inside specific Ars Magica machines to change the way they function'. There are 9 different primary foci types in AM2, which all have their own uses. The primary foci are;

Charge focus

Mana focus

Lesser focus

Standard focus

Greater focus

Item focus

Player focus

Monster focus

Creature focus

Apart from these 9 main foci there are flicker foci which 'are used to create livable conditions inside a flicker habitat for flickers. It will enable them to preform several tasks.'  Each different flicker foci are listed bellow;

flicker focus: Item transport

flicker focus: Interdiction

flicker focus: Containment

flicker focus: Packed Earth

flicker focus: Flat Lands

flicker focus: Progeny

flicker focus: Butchery

flicker focus: Lunar Tides

flicker focus: Light

flicker focus: Felled Oak

flicker focus: Gentle Rains

flicker focus: Nature's Bounty

flicker focus: Fishing

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