Heal is a blue spell component under the Defense tree that instantly restores health points to the recipient.

Unlocking Edit

To unlock the Heal component, the player must first unlock Self and Regeneration.

Effect Edit

The spell heals any living thing that its shape comes into contact with instantaneously. The power of the heal is determined by its modifiers -- most obviously, the Healing modifier.

Additionally, if the spell comes into contact with undead creatures such as Zombies or Skeletons, they will instead take damage, making it an excellent spell to use offensively for avoiding friendly fire.

Heal has 100% Life affinity.

Required Materials Edit

Stuff goes here...

Trivia Edit

  • The "heals harm undead" rule was made popular by the iconic tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons. In earlier editions, specific rules allowed heal spells to deal their heal value in damage towards undead creatures. Later editions codified heal spells as discharging "positive energy," akin to "life force" in most other settings. Since undead were supposed to be constructed and/or animated from negative energy, the two magical forces are said to cancel one another out.

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