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Imbuements can be made at the Armor Imbuement Table and can give a range of slight stat boosts to extremely handy abilities to armor. They require infused experience to make, which you get passively when you receive regular experience. Imbuements can be done regardless of armor enchantments, and do not count as enchantments themselves.

Tier 1 (30 Levels of Infused Experience required):

  • Burnout Reduction - Reduces your burnout faster than usual.
  • Mana Regeneration - Slightly increases your mana regeneration speed.
  • Magitech Goggles Implementation - Shows you how much etherium is in anything that holds it when you look over them.
  • Step Assist - Will automatically make you clip up 1 block high walls when walking into them. Does not jump in the process (good for high air affinities).
  • Increase Movement Speed - Will make you walk and run slightly faster than normal.

Tier 2/3: Resistances only apply to Ars damage sources. ie: fire resistance will only work on "fire damage" from spells created with Ars Magica.

Tier 4 (66 Levels of Infused Experience required):

  • Healing - Slight increase in health regeneration.
  • Life Saving - Prevents you from dying when health reaches zero and gives a bit of health back.
  • Recoil - Knocks mobs back when they hit you.
  • Dispelling - Removes debuffs (has a cooldown).
  • Fire/Lava Protection - Less damage from standing in lava/fire and extinguishes fire on the player.
  • Freedom of Movement - Ignores the slowness debuff (vanilla potion effect).
  • Light Step - Places mage lights at the player if light level is below 7.
  • Hunger Restore - Slowly restores hunger and saturation bar.
  • Thaumic Vision - ONLY if Thaumcraft is installed, adds Goggles of Revealing to any helmet that has this applied.

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