AffinitiesAffinity Gains BoostAffinity Tomes
Air EssenceAir GuardianAir Sled
Antenna of the Fire GuardianArcane AshArcane Compendium
Arcane CompoundArcane DeconstructorArcane Essence
Arcane GuardianArcane ReconstructorArcane Spellbook
Armor Imbuement TableArs Magica 2 ChangelogArs Magica 2 Wiki
Ars Magica 2 Wiki To-Do ListAstral BarrierAstral Distortion
AumBase Essence CoreBattlemage Armor
Battlemage Armor (Chestplate)Battlemage BootsBattlemage Circlet
Battlemage LeggingsBlack AuremBlind
BlizzardBlocksBlue Chalk
Blue TopazBlue Topaz OreBosses
Buff PowerBurnoutBurnout reduction
CalefactorCelestial PrismCerublossom
Charge focusCharmChimerite
CommandsCrafting AltarCrafting Altar Block
Create WaterCreature focusCrystal Phylactery
Crystal WrenchDamageDark Mage
Dark NexusDefenseDeficit Crystal
Desert NovaDigDisarm
DismemberingDryadEarth Armor
Earth EssenceEarth GuardianEnder Boots
Ender EssenceEnder GuardianEnder Intervention
EssenceEssence BagEssence Conduits
Essence NexusEssence RefinerEssences
Extra SummonFire DamageFire Essence
Fire GuardianFirestormFirst Steps
Flicker focus: ButcheryFlicker focus: ContainmentFlicker focus: Felled Oak
Flicker focus: FishingFlicker focus: Flat LandsFlicker focus: Gentle Rains
Flicker focus: InterdictionFlicker focus: Item transportFlicker focus: Light
Flicker focus: Lunar TidesFlicker focus: Nature's BountyFlicker focus: Packed Earth
Flicker focus: ProgenyFlickersFlight
FlingFociForce Damage
ForgeFormatting GuideFreeze
Frost DamageGatewayGold inlay
Greater focusGrowHeal
High Essence CoreIce EssenceIgnition
ImbuementsInfinity OrbInlays
Inscription TableItem focusItems
KeystoneKeystone RecepticleKnockback
LeapLecternLesser foci
Life DrainLife EssenceLife Guardian
Life WardLightLight Mage
Light NexusLightning CharmLightning Damage
Lightning EssenceLightning GuardianLiquid Etherium
Mage ArmorMage ArmourMagic
Magic BroomMagic DamageMagic Level
Magic WallMagic barrierMagic mushroom
MagicaMagitech's GogglesMagitech's Staff
ManaMana CakeMana Creeper
Mana PotionsMana Regen BoostMana focus
MobsMonster focusMoonstone
Moonstone OreNature's ScytheNature Essence
Nature GuardianNexusObelisk
OcculusOffensePhysical Damage
PiercingPlayer focusProjectile
Pure EssenceRed Infinity OrbRegeneration
Ritual of CorruptionRitual of PurificationRituals
Rune (Shape)RunesSelf
ShrinkSigil of the Lunar TidesSkill Points
Slipstream GeneratorSlowSlowfall
SoulboundSpell BookSpell Parchment
Spell RecipeSpellsSpells and other help
Standard focusStarstrikeStructures
SummonSunstoneSunstone Block
TalentTarma RootThe extensive 'what to do' list
TransplaceUtilityVinteum Dust
Vinteum OreWakebloomsWarding Candle
Water EssenceWater GuardianWater Orbs
Watery GraveWinter's GraspWinter Guardian
Witchwood TreesWitchwood forestWizard's Chalk
Workbench Grid Upgrade

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