AffinitiesAffinity Gains BoostAffinity Tomes
Air EssenceAir GuardianAir Sled
Antenna of the Fire GuardianArcane AshArcane Compendium
Arcane CompoundArcane DeconstructorArcane Essence
Arcane GuardianArcane ReconstructorArcane Spellbook
Armor Imbuement TableArs Magica 2 ChangelogArs Magica 2 Wiki
Ars Magica 2 Wiki To-Do ListAstral BarrierAstral Distortion
AumBase Essence CoreBattlemage Armor
Battlemage Armor (Chestplate)Battlemage BootsBattlemage Circlet
Battlemage LeggingsBindingBinding Catalyst
Black AuremBlindBlizzard
BlocksBlue ChalkBlue Topaz
Blue Topaz OreBossesBuff Power
BurnoutBurnout reductionCalefactor
Celestial PrismCerublossomCharge focus
Crafting AltarCrafting Altar BlockCreate Water
Creature focusCrystal PhylacteryCrystal Wrench
DamageDark MageDark Nexus
DefenseDeficit CrystalDesert Nova
DryadEarth ArmorEarth Essence
Earth GuardianEnder BootsEnder Essence
Ender GuardianEnder InterventionEssence
Essence BagEssence ConduitsEssence Nexus
Essence RefinerEssencesExtra Summon
Fire DamageFire EssenceFire Guardian
FirestormFirst StepsFlicker focus: Butchery
Flicker focus: ContainmentFlicker focus: Felled OakFlicker focus: Fishing
Flicker focus: Flat LandsFlicker focus: Gentle RainsFlicker focus: Interdiction
Flicker focus: Item transportFlicker focus: LightFlicker focus: Lunar Tides
Flicker focus: Nature's BountyFlicker focus: Packed EarthFlicker focus: Progeny
FociForce DamageForge
Formatting GuideFreezeFrost Damage
GatewayGold inlayGreater focus
GrowHealHigh Essence Core
Ice EssenceIgnitionImbuements
Infinity OrbInlaysInscription Table
Item focusItemsKeystone
Keystone RecepticleKnockbackLeap
LecternLesser fociLife Drain
Life EssenceLife GuardianLife Ward
LightLight MageLight Nexus
Lightning CharmLightning DamageLightning Essence
Lightning GuardianLiquid EtheriumMage Armor
MagicMagic BroomMagic Damage
Magic LevelMagic WallMagic barrier
Magic mushroomMagicaMagitech's Goggles
Magitech's StaffManaMana Cake
Mana CreeperMana PotionsMana Regen Boost
Mana focusMathMagics!Mechanics
MianiteMobsMonster focus
MoonstoneMoonstone OreNature's Scythe
Nature EssenceNature GuardianNexus
Physical DamagePiercingPlayer focus
ProjectilePure EssenceRed Infinity Orb
RegenerationRitual of CorruptionRitual of Purification
RitualsRune (Shape)Runes
SelfShrinkSigil of the Lunar Tides
Skill PointsSlipstream GeneratorSlow
SlowfallSoulboundSpell Book
Spell ParchmentSpell RecipeSpells
Spells and other helpStandard focusStarstrike
Sunstone BlockTalentTarma Root
The extensive 'what to do' listTransplaceUtility
Vinteum DustVinteum OreWakeblooms
Warding CandleWater BreathingWater Essence
Water GuardianWater OrbsWatery Grave
Winter's GraspWinter GuardianWitchwood Trees
Witchwood forestWizard's ChalkWorkbench Grid Upgrade

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