Obelisk Ingame.

The Obelisk is an updated version of the Neutral Nexus introduced in v1.2. It burns Liquid Etherium (the new name of Liquid Essence) or Vinteum Dust like a furnace to produce Neutral Etherium. Vinteum Dust provides 2000 Neutral Etherium while a bucket of Liquid Etherium provides 3000 Neutral Etherium. This can be improved by upgrading the Obelisk with a circle of Wizard's Chalk and Magic Pillars.

The Obelisk can be transformed into a Celestial Prism (formerly Light Nexus) via a Ritual of Purification. It can also be turned into a Black Aurem (formerly Dark Nexus) via a Ritual of Corruption.

Crafting Recipe

The Obelisk is crafted with four Vinteum Dust in the corners of a crafting grid, four stone blocks on the top, bottom, and sides, and a chiselled stone block in the middle.

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