Offense is a skill tree in Ars Magica 2, found in the Occulus, along with Utility and Defense, the other active skill trees, and Talents, which is a passive skill tree. It is used for, as the name implies, more offensive spells, including things like Projectiles, Area of Effects, Beams, or even Waves of all sorts of different damage types.

The tree includes the following, from top (easier to get) to bottom (harder to get).

Shapes: Projectile, Contingency: Fire, Area of Effect, Beam, and Wave.

Components: Physical Damage, Forge, Ignition, Fire Damage, Lightning Damage, Frost Damage, Magic Damage, Drown, Blind, Freeze, Knockback, Astral Distortion, Storm, Silence, Fling, Watery Grave, and Fury.

Modifiers: Gravity, Bounce, Piercing, Solar, Velocity Added, and Damage.

Silver Spells: Blizzard, Starstrike, Firestorm, and Dismembering.

Some of the more useful items in here are the Shapes of Projectile and Area of Effect, the components of Damage Types, along with Forge and Ignition, maybe even blind, and the Modifiers of Damage and Bounce, although all of these shapes, components, and modifiers can be used to great effectiveness if they are used correctly.

Name Description Color Type
Projectile Changes the spell to be a projectile type Blue Shape
Area of Effect Changes the spell to AOE type Green Shape
Beam Changes the spell to Beam type (makes the spell a continuous beam) Red Shape
Wave Change the spell to a wave type (makes the spell cast, go up and down like a wave) Red Shape
Contingency: Fire Activates a spell binded to it, if the user with the contingency active is on fire Green Shape
Force Damage Makes spells deal force (impact) damage Blue Component
Forge Auto smelts the target block Green Component
Ignition Sets things on fire Green Component
Fire Damage Makes spells deal fire damage, doesn't set things on fire Blue Component
Lightning Damage Makes spells deal lightning damage, does not call down lightning nor does it set things on fire Blue Component
Frost Damage Makes spells deal frost damage, does not freeze enemies Blue Component
Magic Damage Makes spells deal magic damage Blue Component
Drown Makes spells deal drowning damage Blue Component
Blind Blinds players, useless on NPC's Green Component
Freeze Makes spells place slowness on the target Green Component
Knockback Adds knock back to spells Green Component
Astral Distortion Forces anything that teleports via the use of an ender pearl or ender affinity to teleport back to their original spot (disables teleportation) Green Component
Storm Calls a storm of rain to fall at the target Red Component
Silence Stops target from using magic Red Component
Fling Flings targets into the air Green Component
Watery Grave Makes spells deal more drowning damage than drown to the target/s Green Component
Fury Gives attack buff to target Red Component
Gravity Causes target(s) to fall faster and take more fall damage from a shorter distance Blue Modifier
Bounce Makes spells bounce before being destroyed Blue Modifier
Piercing Adds piercing to spells (allows damage to go through armor) Red Modifier
Solar Increases the strength of the spell during the day Red Modifier
Velocity Added makes spells move faster Red Modifier
Damage Makes spells deal damage/increase damage dealt

(citation needed)

Red Modifier