The Ritual of Purification is a ritual performed to convert a regular Obelisk (object) into a Celestial Prism (the new Light Nexus), a version of the Obelisk which naturally produces Light Essence at a given rate.

Necessary objects for the ritual:


-Wizard's Chalk

-Mana Focus


-Spell: Projectile||Light

-Warding Candles (x4)

First, place an obelisk in the middle of a small, clear area. No power is required to be generated by the obelisk for this ritual. You are going to draw an X-shaped ring around the Obelisk, with Wizard's Chalk, and place Warding Candles in the outside corners. Here's is a Diagram of the Setup:

Ritual of Purification

-Note that these Warding Candles must NOT be attuned to a specific block. If you don't know the specifics of Warding Candles, don't worry about it- Warding candles are crafted automatically non-attuned.

If your setup looks like this, you are ready for the next step. In your inventory, you should have a Mana Focus and a Moonstone. Throw these within the shape of the wizard's chalk, not touching it.

After this, simply cast your Projectile | Light spell directly at the obelisk, and voila, A ritual of purification has been performed! You'll know you did it right when all of the objects in your ritual disappear, aside from the obelisk which is now a shining crystal.

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