This is a community maintained formula list for Ars Magica 2 spells.

Please use RDCro formatting:

B1= The first brown box

B2= The second brown box

B3= The third brown box

G= The long gray box


Firebolt (B1 Projectile, G Fire Damage-Damage) Makes a fireball with a damage modifier.

Spells for low levelsEdit

My spells that everybody should already have, but here you go anyway.

  • Heal (B1 Self, G heal) (Mana cost: 16.88)
  • MageLight (B1 Projectile, G Light) (mana cost: 28.13)
  • Fireball (B1 Projectile, G Fire Damage) (Mana cost: 67.50)
  • Dig (B1 Touch, G Dig) (Mana cost: 2.50)
  • Calm Healing (B1 Self, G Regeneration-Heal) (Mana cost: 46.88) (Made by SpeedyAvatar)
  • Leap (B1 Self, G Leap-Slowfall) (Cost ~100)-RDCro
  • Mana Regen (B1 Projectile, G Mana Drain)
  • Basic Healing (B1 Projectile, G Heal) (Cost ~195) Also very effective for killing undead mobs when friendly players are nearby.
  • Magic Dart (B1 Projectile | G Magic Damage) (Mana cost: 100) More expensive than fireball but it penetrates armored mobs, which can be quite frequent in some mod packs, and sometimes fire immune mobs are too.

Spells for slightly higher level magiciansEdit

  • Fire Lightning Bolt (B1 Projectile, G Fire damage-Lightning damage) (Mana cost: 168.75) (This isn't recommended to players with low magic levels) (Made by SpeedyAvatar)
  • Glancing Frost (B1 Projectile | G Frost Damage, Magic Damage, Bounce) (Costs 250 Mana) Needs a decent mana pool, but very effective in dungeons. Beware of friendly fire.
  • Elemental Sphere(B1 projctile, G any damage beside Physical or magic-Damage if available)(Mana Cost: varies on which element and if you add the damage modifer)(by Damen)
  • Gatling gun (B1 zone, (Aoe?) Projectile G:dig/any damage) spam this spell. -Abealot
  • Bane of Undead {Supportive} (B1 Self, G Regeneration; AoE-Heal-Regeneration) (Cost ~725) Recommended for Multiplayer
  • Bane of Undead {Defensive} (B1 Self, G Dispel-(Levitate if on versions earlier than 1.10 releases); AoE-Heal-(Type of Damage)-(Possible Status effect) (Cost: ~800, varies) For use on both singleplayer or multiplayer for hoards of undead.

Advanced SpellsEdit

  • Meditate (B1 Self, G Fling-Levitate-Heal) (mana cost: 29.38) My first advanced spell ever
  • Frost Nova (B1 Projectile-Zone, G Freeze-Frost Damage-Lightning Damage) (Cost ?) (By DreamblitzX)
  • Terminus Starfall (B1 Projectile-Zone-AOE, G Starstrike-Lightning Damage-Life Drain-Mana Drain-Entangle-Duration x3-Radius x3-Damage x3) (Cost ?) (Made By KingPrawn121)
  • Increase Potential (B1 Self, G Mana Link) (Cost 0) Doubles your mana and mana regen. Cast again to remove.-RDCro
  • Skydive (B1 Self-AOE, G Fling-Velocity added x3) (Cost ?) Everybody enjoy the view! Just make sure you have a parachute.-RDCro
  • Raze (B1 Projectile-Wall-Touch, G Entangle-Slow-Mana Drain-{Any damage}) (Cost ?) Catches and constantly hurts whatever touches it, restoring your mana for a recast if the mob survives.-RDCro
  • Semi-Immortal Coward (B1 Self-Contingency:Health, G Recall) (Cost ?) Returns you to a marked point when your health reaches ~30%.-RDCro
  • Coffin(2 part spell) (B1 Projectile-Piercingx3, G Mark) (Cost ?) Aim at the ground. . . (B1 Projectile, G Recall) (Cost ?) Then hit something with this. Drops *should* float to the surface. Make sure you don't recall yourself into it. Not as effective against players.-RDCro
  • Sacrifice (B1 Touch, G Contingency:Death-Firestorm-Blizzard) (Cost ?) Sometimes a summon gets in the way of your spells. Sometimes, that's what you want.-RDCro
  • Elemental Explosion Rain. (B1 projectile Area of Effect G Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Lightning Damage, Fire storm, Blizzard, Thunder Storm Damge X2)(mana Cost 23890.83, you cna also swap a damage for radius and the other for entangle if you so wish for a larger area of affect instead of samage.)(made by Damen.)
  • Wormhole(2 part spell). (B1 Projectile-AOE ,B2 Self ,B3 Rune-Rune procs-Touch, B4 Touch ,G Mark/ Recall) (Cost 1.88-7.50 for mark and 187-750 for recall.) This spell allows you to warp any mob to and from any location. All the Boxes are optional but it allows for more diverse teleports. EX Using the Mark on your self to mark your current location and using the Rune Recall to teleport a mob that touches that rune to you. Or switch it to teleport a you to any marked location/rune.(would work even better if an update allowed you to mark mobs instead of the tile they are on.)(Made by God_Usopp)
  • sun strike. b1: projectile, area of effect. G: fire damage, star strike. description: the stars summon a power from the sun powerful enough to create a spectral slam, capable of killing a wither in 12 direct hits.
  • Ender Guardian Killer (B1: Projectile, G Drown, Damage, Damage, Damage, Life Drain)
  • Infinite Buff: B1 Self G ANY Buff, Lunar, Lunar, Lunar (Or Solar x 3)
  • Storm God B1: Wave beam lunar lunar lunar G Storm Lightning-Damage speed speed speed duration duration duration -Terawolf119

Mastery spells: (must use two silver spell components at minimum)Edit

  • Forbidus (B1: beam B2: projectile, chain, area of effect G: starstrike, blizzard, fire damage, lightning damage, ignition, life drain, life tap) (mana cost: 220.31)
  • Levitate
  • Magelight
  • Heal
  • Fireball

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